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About SCAC

SCAC (Scotts Coarse Angling Club) is a thriving Coarse Angling Club located inScotts Coarse Angling Club Logo the picturesque Scottish Borders. Our pristine waters are teeming with a diverse range of coarse fish, including Mirror and Common Carp that can weigh up to double figures, with several exceeding 20lb. Additionally, our waters are home to Roach, Tench, Perch, and Pike, some of which can weigh almost 20lb. As a young and dynamic club, we are committed to promoting the sport of coarse angling and providing our members with an exceptional angling experience.

Stocking Policy

At Bowden, our water was already home to a variety of coarse fish, which required management before we could even think about stocking. However, we have taken the necessary steps to address this issue and have successfully stocked the water with Carp.
Holding  A nice Common Carp For The Camera

Stocking Policy Cont'd

This winter we stocked 70 fin perfect 6-9lb C3 carp as we build to the future. These fish are from a well proven strain and will grow to 20lb plus in our water. The decision to stock them came after a three year recapture study which puts the stock at around 150 carp. The original stock averages at 14lb with several 20lb plus fish. There is also a good head of upper doubles present.

Growth rates will continue to be monitored to ensure good growth rates over time.

Venue Improvements

We continuously strive to enhance our venue by organizing regular work parties to tidy up the area, clear pegs for fishing, and create platforms for a better fishing experience. As a recent addition, we have installed an electric fence around the loch to prevent any furry intruders from entering the premises. Our commitment to maintaining a pristine environment for our guests is unwavering, and we are constantly exploring new ways to improve our fishery.

Future Plans

Scotland is currently facing a significant shortage of high-quality big carp venues. In the upcomingScotts Coarse Angling Club Logo seasons, we plan to introduce a number of specimen mirror and common carp. This will undoubtedly enhance the overall fishing experience and provide our members with an opportunity to catch some truly impressive fish.

Anyone caught removing fish will be prosecuted


Latest Club News


Due to other commitments Andy Foggin has sadly had to stand down as treasurer. Our new treasurer is now Tom McLeish.


Would all members please note. Only toilet paper to be used in the porta loo, NO wet/baby wipes as they block the cleaners pump when emptying. If it persists we will lose this facility.


Fishing On The Dam - This is only permitted if no one is fishing on pegs M1 and B1 as the dam forms part of their swims. Bivvies are not allowed on the dam. If anyone sets up on these swims then they take priority and fishing on the dam must cease.

SCAC Ticket Prices

New MembersCurrent Members
£100 + one off £50 joining fee£100 Per Season
Junior MembersConcession
Juniors (under 16) - £5.00(over 65) - £50.00
Senior Juniors (16-20) - £25.00

Guest Requests

Guest tickets are only by request and subject to availability. All guests must be accompanied by a member.

One night with member - £15.00

Two nights with member - £25.00

Stocking Bowden Carp

Two Carp In The Net Ready For Stocking
Three Carp In The Net Ready For Stocking
Three Carp In The Net Ready For Stocking
Another Two Carp In The Net Ready For Stocking
Five Carp In The Net Ready For Stocking

Calling All Members

Man pointing with bowden needs you text

Work Parties

We're always looking to maintain and improve our fishery. To do that we need the help of our members. If you can spare the time it would be greatly appreciated. If you could attend a work party at least once a season or more that would be a great help.

Work parties are on the last Sunday of every month. Use the join the party button to let us know if you are available.